What is the difference between SSE (Shanghai) and TWSE (Taipei)

what is the difference between the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Taiwan Stock Exchange?

The SSE was founded in the 26th of November 1990 while the TWSE was founded in the 23rd of October 1961 the chairman of the SSC is Jiang


while the chairman of the tws c is Suja

Miao the president of the SSC is Xiang

Yu Jun while the president of the TW OSC

is Lee Chi the Shanghai Stock

Exchange is the largest Stock Exchange

in mainland China the Taiwan Stock

Exchange is the securities trading

center in Taiwan based in Taipei the SSE

is a nonprofit organization run by the

China Securities Regulatory Commission

or CSR see stocks funds bonds and

derivatives are all traded on the

exchange the twss listed securities

include stocks government bonds

convertible bonds exchange-traded funds

or ETFs call warrants what warrants

Taiwan depository receipts or EDRs and

read beneficiary securities

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source :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMqV6S1fUgA

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