Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 (Plus Free Domain)

every year we do a comparison of the top

web hosting out there it’s crucial for

the success of your website choosing the

best wordpress hosting for your needs

can improve your seo and increase sales

and so much more so in this video cyad

and i will break down the best wordpress

hosting companies out there so you can

pick the one that works best for you so

let’s dive in number one is bluehost so

bluehost has become one of the largest

brand name when it comes to wordpress


for a few reasons one because they’re an

officially wordpress official recommended hosting

provider um they’ve been supporting the

wordpress open source project since 2006

and they’ve been around for you know

multiple decades now now what i like

about bluehost is it’s a perfect


of features and value you know you can

get started um you know they have all

the tools one click wordpress

installation with the right plugins auto

installed they’re going to give you 24 7

expert support

whether you need a v8 phone by email or

live chat

but they’re also going to make sure that

it’s at a very good price especially for

wpbeginner readers

you’re going to get an exclusive

discount that’s not available if you go

on their website you have to use our


but what that gives you is a 63 off


a free ssl certificate which otherwise

you would be paying at least 70 dollars

for and you get a free domain which is

not available with every hosting company

um out there so

bluehost overall i rate it as a number

one web hosting for small businesses

and number two is siteground it’s one of

the most popular highest rated posting

providers in the wordpress community

they offer kind of a premium hosting

plan that’s specifically optimized for

wordpress with the unique in-house speed

and security solutions that they have

and they’re also an official wordpress

recommended hosting provider and in fact

wpbeginner website is hosted on

siteground enterprise services and we

love their support and personally i have

all of my sites on siteground as well

now they have a specific server

infrastructure it’s powered by google

cloud and they’ve built a high

performance optimization features like

ultra fast php sd optimizer all this

this to mean that they’re faster for you

but it’s really cool because it’s better

for entry-level websites they get kind

of a cloud hosting experience but with

prices that are about 50 less than other

popular managed hosting providers out

there um some of the pros that we have

for them is that they’ve got great

support good uptime fast

and they also include a free ssl

certificate they also have multiple data

centers so you know anyone who’s

visiting from your website from that

area they’ll get a faster experience

they’ll do a free site migration for you

you can also get a staging environment

so if you’re wanting to create a new

theme or test out some different things

without doing it on your live site you

can do that you also get a free cdn or

content delivery network system also

making everything much faster as well as

several themes to choose from

another pro is that like i said we are

wpbeginner is hosted on the siteground

servers i would say if there is a con

there’s no free domain in the first year

and the pricing is a bit higher since

it’s more of a premium service but for

the best performance and speed we do

recommend either their grow big or their

go geek plan because both of those will

offer a faster time to first bite which

just means it’ll be faster for the

people coming to your website number

three is dreamhouse dreamhouse has been

around for

18 years uh

and you know they’re really known for

making web hosting easy you get a custom

dashboard one click wordpress install

automatic wordpress updates uh you know

a lot of space uh free ssds which are

really fast um

and you know they’re powering over

like they’re probably millions of

websites i don’t want to quote a number

and get it wrong but they’re powering

millions of blogs and websites for

wordpress um greenpost you know is big

believer in open source this is why

they’re also an officially recommended

wordpress hosting provider for

wpbeginner readers you’re going to get

exclusive 72 percent off discount um on

their unlimited web hosting uh which

also will include a free domain name a

free ssl certificate another thing that

dreamhouse includes that others will not

is free domain privacy so you’re not

going to be getting unsolicited emails

because you know your whois records just

leaking uh any other emails they they

have built in some really cool new

features they have a free automated

wordpress migration uh feature now so

you can move from one host to another if

you need to um

pretty automated process

and they will also give you a branded

business email address so

dreamhost overall starter site you know


great place to start and then they also

have a managed offering if you want to

upgrade so this is the host you can grow

with number four is hostgator and this

is another popular web hosting company

again they are hosting millions of

domains on their

platform and they’re similar to bluehost

in that they offer a specialized

wordpress hosting service we did detail

research and you can look at the in the

link in the description below of all of

the results of this but we evaluated

their customer support their features

and their pricing and after we did the

analysis we found that hostgator had a

great option for growing business

because they offer plans that will grow

with your business they’re fast and

reliable 24 7 support

cheap intro pricing which most people

like when they’re just starting out plus

you have a free site migration you also

get a free domain for the first year as

well as free ssl certificate that’s

included we would say if there’s a con

then the renewal fee is a little bit

higher after the first first year so

something to be uh thinking of now if

you want to get a coupon a specific

coupon with wp beginner pricing just go

to the

checkout page when you check out use

wpbeginner in the checkout page number

five is hostinger now hostinger is a new

player in the market but they’re


well known

in the wordpress hosting industry

especially in the emerging markets in

the worldwide why because they offer a

very very very affordable hosting

platform with a great support 24 7 live


and their platform is really fast for

for the price um you know we did a full

speed test on on hostinger uh you know

just the default no other optimization

just what came with the one-click


of wordpress and you know some of the

demo content that we imported and it

like stacks up with the big guys really

well and i think one of the reason is

that they have this specialized offering

called wordpress speed acceleration that

you get access to which uses light speed

caching and all that so it’s a it’s a

really really powerful um

platform hosting platform for uh for the


you also get manage automatic updates

enhanced security tools free cdn they’re

gonna install all the essential plugins

it also has some developer tools like wp


features as well as the ability to

choose from

five different data centers

location across the world so if you are

a european business um based in you know

netherlands you can choose a data center

in netherlands versus if you’re in asia

and your customers are in asia then you

can choose a data center located in

singapore and so on so for all the

reasons um

we have all those reasons we’ve added


in in the top five of our wordpress um

hosting list they’re also offering our

readers a 80 discount um along with a

free ssl on a free domain name and you

really can’t beat that so they’re

definitely um it should be considered

our top three choices are bluehost

siteground and dreamhost bluehost

because it’s best overall wordpress

hosting has a great value to get you

started we love siteground because it’s

best support in the industry and they

also offer a premium hosting without

these super premium prices and then you

also have dreamhost which is the best

wordpress hosting for small businesses

who are looking to grow now that you

find the hosting that you want make sure

you watch this video next as i walk you

through step by step on exactly how to

create your own website in wordpress and

i’ll see you over there

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