The 4 NFTs Trusted Apps

At the beginning of 2021 in january the market was exchanging roughly 17 million dollars a month worth of NFTs but fast forward to today and the market has grown to be worth 27 billion dollars where we are exchanging roughly 2 billion a month.

This has become a huge new asset class as a result of the crypto boom that we saw in 2021 in fact even celebrities have started buying into it.

People like paris hilton for example. And on but finding the best of these is like finding a needle in a haystack because 99 of NFTs today are gonna end up becoming worthless in just a few years that other one percent.

Are you an NFT enthusiast ? Looking to get more familiar with NFTs?

This is the trusted NFT apps.

OpenSea: NFT marketplace

open sea

With OpenSea’s mobile app you can keep track of your NFT collection and discover new assets from the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

With this app, you can:

• CONNECT TO YOUR PROFILE: View items you’ve previously collected by associating your profile with the app.
• DISCOVER NEW WORK: Discover new NFT releases from a variety of digital artists and creators, from established artists to indie creators building momentum towards their first sale.
• SAVE YOUR FAVORITES: Find something interesting? Favoriting an asset will save it to a tab of your profile page along with other favorited items
• SEARCH AND FILTER NFTS: Search and filter by category, name, collection, creator and other properties to find exactly what you’re looking for.
• VIEW COLLECTION AND ITEM STATS: View the latest market activity around a collection or item to stay up-to-date on projects building traction and demand.

Other features include:
• A rankings page to track collections ranked by 24-hour, 7-day or all-time volume, along with other sorts
• Links to blog posts on OpenSea developments and the NFT ecosystem
• Resources for getting started with our platform
• Links to exclusive releases

Download: OpenSea for iOS | Android (Free)

8bit Painter

8bit painter
8bit painter

Chosen as “Editor’s Choice” on Google Play in Japan. Over 2,000,000 downloads.

8bit Painter is easy to remember because it is narrowed down to intuitive operation methods and the minimum functions necessary for creating pixel art, so you will not get lost in operation. 8bit Painter focuses on ease of use rather than feature richness.

Great for creating NFT art.

[Recommended for people like this] * Pixel art beginner
* Creating your SNS icon
* Designing bead pattern
* Designing Cross-stitch pattern
* Creating player skins for games
* Creating NFT art

[9 different canvas sizes] * 16 x 16
* 24 x 24
* 32 x 32
* 48 x 48
* 64 x 64
* 96 x 96
* 128 x 128
* 160 x 160
* 192 x 192

[Convert your favorite images to pixel art] Import your favorite images into the app and easily convert them to pixel art.

[Create any color and save 48 colors] Save up to 48 colors in the “User Color Palette”. The “Preset Color Palette”, which has 96 colors, is also useful.

[Output transparent PNG image] Select the size of the output image from 3 types. The image file format is PNG and supports transparent PNG.

[Export artwork data] Export your artwork data to external storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SD card, etc. The exported artwork data can be imported to other smartphones and tablets that have 8bit Painter installed.

By exporting and backing up your artwork data, you can easily transfer your artwork data to another device if your device is damaged, lost, or upgraded, so you can rest assured.

[Remove ads] Purchase “Ad Remover” to remove ads. “Ad Remover” does not need to be purchased many times because once purchased, it can be restored at the time of reinstallation even if the app is uninstalled.

Download: 8bit Painter for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available) NFT Wallet Viewer

Browse, explore, and show off all of your NFTs! is the easiest way to get a unified view of your Ethereum, WAX, and Cardano NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and crypto collectibles in one place. Finally, a multi-address, multi-blockchain NFT portfolio viewer made for collectors, by collectors.

• Support for hundreds of thousands of NFT collections across Ethereum, WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), and Cardano (with more chains on the way!)
• Search and filter your NFTs by collection, rarity, variant, and more
• Interactively swipe and flip through assets (fun!)
• View NFTs associated with any public address – no wallet authentication required!
• Toggle between displaying all NFTs in a collection and just the ones you own or are missing
• See collection stats like percent completed
• View all assets staked on R-Planet, Farmers World, Green Rabbit, Coin Pirates, and more
• Show prices in over 30 international currencies
• Share your favorite items with your friends

Need assistance or have feedback? Head over to our website to join our Discord or connect with us on Twitter @TokenArtApp

Download: for iOS | Android (Free)

Enjin: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT Crypto Wallet



Founded in 2009 & based in Singapore, Enjin offers an ecosystem of integrated blockchain products that make it easy to create, manage, explore, distribute, & integrate blockchain-based assets and NFTs.

The Enjin ecosystem is fueled by Enjin Coin (ENJ), a cryptocurrency used to directly back the value of next-generation blockchain assets.

Buy, sell, send, hodl or exchange Bitcoin, NFTs, tokens & other 100+ cryptocurrencies easily from your Enjin smart wallet. Unlock capabilities of decentralized exchanges to help manage your crypto portfolio & wealth in a single app.

Download: Enjin for iOS | Android (Free)

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