Kim Kardashian spends more than $ 4,500 on cosmetics


See the 17 cosmetic products that Kim Kardashian must have, all together cost more than $ 4,500. Really extravagant!
Here are the products that Kim Kardashian uses:

Guerlain Serum costs $510

Lancer Cleanser costs $55

La Mer Treatment costs $245

La Mer Treatment costs $245

Bio Oil costs $15

Lancer Moisturizer costs $125

La Mer Serum-Essence costs $630

Guerlain Eye Cream costs $200

Anastasia Beverly Hills Face Oil costs $64

Lancer Neck Cream costs $185

Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops costs $145

La Mer Serum costs $470

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic costs $300

Guerlain Moisturizer costs $455

Dr. Barbara Sturm Serum costs $350

La Mer Cream costs $475

La Mer Face Oil costs $245

Question do we all need this?