Love Cake with dry Fruit

love cake


3 eggs;
1 vanilla sugar;
1 baking powder;
2 cups of sugar (200 g);
1 cup of milk (200 ml);
1 cup of butter (200 ml);
3 cups of flour (200 g);
1 cup of cinnamon spoon;
400 g of dry fruit your choice;
1 lemon;
1 orange;
100 g of chocolate;
cinnamon for spreading over the cake.

love cake


Mixed the 3 whites with a mixer in solid snow, then add the yolks, vanilla sugar, crystal sugar, baking powder, milk, butter, flour and one cinnamon spoon and then mix the mixture lightly with a mixer to make it one.

Add finely chopped dry fruit as desired (cranberries, dried grapes, dried apricot, walnut, hazelnut, dried figs, hormones, dry pineapple …)
Then add the bark of lemon grated, orange and 100 g of chocolate, and then mix it with a spoon and then put it in the pan or mold and put it to be baked, at 180 degrees for about 50-55 minutes (depending on the oven strength).
After the Love cake is baked sprinkle it with cinnamon or powder sugar. love cake