Jennifer Lopez magnetically attractive for Harper’s Bazaar

j lo 7

Jennifer Lopez attracts views of the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. The 48-year-old star made a photo shoot for the fashion magazine and talked about the relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

An attractive singer and actress said she was in no hurry for the fourth time to step on to the altar. “I believe in marriage and I would like to stay with someone with whom I will be in a committed relationship. But I do not force anything for the time being, “she said.

“Our relationship is good, healthy, we communicate well. We understand lives one with another in a way that most people can not. We both entered the public eye in our early 20’s and we managed to overcome it from the very beginning. And that affects every dynamic in life, from family, to work, to relationships, “said J Lo.

Lopez and Rodriguez are in a relationship for over a year and they both have two children from a previous marriage.