Creative cake with Oranges


Ingredients for the first crust:

5 eggs;
5 tablespoons of sugar;
3 tablespoons of flour;
2 tablespoons of crushed walnuts;
3 tablespoons cocoa powder.


Eggs and sugar are milled with a mixer and then the flour is added, walnuts and cocoa. Mix it nicely and put it in a greased with oil a goblet from a stove. Bake at 180 degrees and this is shortly about 10 minutes. Care should be taken not to burn the baking, because this is thin crust. Once it is baked, it is removed and should be cooled but not completely, it should be a bit lukewarm for easier processing. During this time, we prepare the second crust which is now baked round pan no. 28. So it’s important to keep the shape of the baking pan.

Ingredients for the second crust:

5 eggs;
5 tablespoons of sugar;
3 tablespoons of flour;
2 tablespoons walnuts.


Just like in the previous one, but now there is no cocoa, which means that the round crust will be light yellow.

Ingredients for the cream:

1 gelatin sachet;
2 vanilla pudding;
800 ml of milk;
6 tablespoons of sugar;
5 oranges.

Preparation of the cream:

Boil the pudding with milk and sugar. Put in another pot the gelatin (previously gelatin sac is mixed with 5 tablespoons of cold water to exist for 10 minutes), 4 oranges grated with bark and juice of orange. Boil it quietly with regular stirring and after 4-5 minutes add the vanilla cream that you previously made. Interferes with silent fire and tends to become lukewarm. After the round sponge is cooled, the following procedure follows: On the round bark is applied from the cream and is smoothed all over surface.
The square sponge is cut along stripes as wide as 5 cm. Take one strip and spray it with orange juice freshly. The tape is it lies down and a layer of cream is placed on it from above it should be made lukewarm beforehand. The linen soaked with the cream is puts in the middle of a rounded sponge, which we have already lubricated with cream, and in an upright position and twists like a snail around. Thus, it continues with all the brown stripes. Once they are glued all in the cream between them here is placed chopped orange, can and chocolate jelly and the like.
At the end, it is then creamed with a cream and decorated with whipped cream chopped oranges and anything at will.