Nude-tella Kiss: Lipstick vain that trendsetters world


Nude-tella lipstick is an ideal combination for all lovers of make-up. These are lipsticks manufactured by the Beauty Bakerie brand.

New lipsticks are presented under the name Nude-tella. There are four different shades that have four different names: Nudi-Tea, Skinny Dip, Birthday Suit and Bake It Naked.

Nude-tella Kiss

All lipsticks have neutral shades and have a matte texture, and most importantly, they all smell like delicious and irresistible Nude-tella.

The lipsticks are waterproof, long lasting, do not contain parabens and gluten, and are excellent for vegans. In the photos you can notice that they really look great, and every woman will surely adore their scent.