Fashionable mixed breeds

mixed breedsBulldog-Dalmatian-mix

The best way to celebrated your life is to adopted homeless dog. The biggest numbers of dogs that are in shelters are dogs from mixed breeds, most of them have ridiculous shape, but we love them just they are funny and lovable. Here are the reasons why mix dog are fashionable accessory in your life:


How much is ridiculous the combinations of the breeds, the dogs are more unique. When you are adopting mixt breed you have choice of variation of dogs: small, medium, large, long hair, short hair. They will be always unique.


They are more flexible in their grooming, because they don’t have standards in the competitions. They can be adjusting to every kind of households and condition of living.


Mixed breeds can compete. They can compete in agility groups like the NADAC.mixed breeds Dachshund-mix-golden-retriever-1

Mixed breed can be trained as help dogs

Mixed and breed dog are equal in the training for service or therapy dog. They have the same capacity and ability as breed dogs.

They can be house trained

They also can be trained for inside or outside living, they can be your best friend in the world. If you adopted mixed from a shelter they will be potty trained, the best thing ever.

The puppy stage can be skipped

If you adopted a dog you will skip the puppy age of the dog, and you want spent time on training your puppy where to go to bathroom and basic training, and also you will know the size and the temperament of the dog.

They cost less

Usually if you want to adopted dog from a shelter you have to donate form 50$ to 200$. But if you buy breed dog you have to spend over 1000$. If you adopted dog from a shelter they also will be vaccinated, so the dog will cost less.

You are doing a good deed!