Why is dark Chocolate Healthy?

Unlike ordinary chocolate that is rich in sugars and poor in antioxidants, dark chocolate is a true antioxidant mine. Conveniently, high chocolate chocolate (at least 70 %) contains more antioxidants than green tea or red wine.

Dark chocolate protects against UV rays

If you want to protect your skin from damage caused by sunlight, reach for dark chocolate rich in antioxidants. A study published in the Nutrition magazine found that those who consume dark chocolate have smoother skin, 25 %  less red blisters after exposure to the sun, and their skin keeps moisture for a long time. Also, black chocolate can prevent skin discoloration caused by aging.

Dark chocolate keeps the heart

Harvard experts analyzed a number of pre-published studies on cocoa consumption in which 2,500 respondents participated. In addition to reducing blood pressure and improving blood vessel status, cocoa consumption is responsible for lowering bad cholesterol in people under the age of 15 and at the same time increasing the level of good cholesterol.

If you have high pressure, eat a one cube a day of dark chocolate

Chocolate can reduce blood pressure – this has been confirmed by numerous studies. Thus, a study at the Cologne University Hospital showed that even small amounts of chocolate have a similar potential for lowering blood pressure compared to the extensive dietary measures that have proven effective when it comes to blood flow problems.