How to Improve your Health with your Dog!

baby and dog

Probably you have heard if you adopt a dog from a shelter you will save a life. This act of making a home for a dog is wonderful, noble and unforgivable. But with this you not only save a life you will save your life too; they will save your life from heart diseases and will improve your health in every aspect of life. Here are six reasons why you should have a dog:

Stress Relief

Your dogs will make you relief your stress. They will do that with their affection, love for you, they will take your spirits up. There is study that says when you have a stressful day you should consider a walk with your dog, because people feel less stressed with their dogs. (Sorry to all of the family members and friends)

Dogs are perfect for people with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD); they will make them to relief the stress.

Lower Blood Pressure

According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC): Having a dog keeps the blood pressure controlled, especially for people with detected high blood pressure. Walking with your dog is one way to exercise that will controlled the blood pressure.

People without a dog have a 40% more change to have high blood pressure and 30% more chance to have a heart attack.

Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Why is this true? Because dog owners have obligations to take out their dog regularly, the American Heart Association notes that dogs make their owners to have healthier life style. 54% of the people that have dog are walking more and have more physical activates.

Dogs release pain

When you have a dog sometimes you thing that your dog is pain in the ass (they can chewed your shoe, rug, blouse or maybe eat your favorite earring). But if you have arthritis, migraines or some other condition they can be your cure.

Study from Loyola University found that 50% of patients that recover from surgery they need less medicaments, because they have hospital visits from therapy dogs. After many researches from, they recommend use of dogs in doctors’ offices. dog and women

Dogs can help with stopping depression

People with mild to moderate depression will feel better if they have dogs, along with using of medication and other treatments. Dogs give you unconditional love that improves your self-esteem. They give to the people daily schedule and routine that is important for stopping depression. They also provide people to isolate them self.

Dogs can provoke feel good hormones; they provoke serotonin and dopamine with just petting the dog, brain chemicals that provokes depression. If you don’t have depression you have to tank your dog.


New moms and those one that are expecting have to know that 50% of infants don’t have a risk of allergies and asthma if they have a dog. The good news is: Babies that live in households with dogs have stronger immune system. Explanation about this is that the dogs filled the home with microbes that are linked to allergies and asthma.