Potato Salad in Layers

Potato salad in layers


800 g of potatoes;
250 g pickles;
200 g of green olives without seeds;
300 g of corn;
400 g of carrots;
5 eggs;
400 g cream cheese;
300 g of mayonnaise;
a mixture of spices.


Potatoes are cooked together with the husk and left to cool.
Pickles and olives cut into cubes.
Carrots are boiled in salt water and cut into cubes.
Corn is boiled and salted in water.
The eggs are cooked and rinsed in large quantities.
Cream cheese and mayonnaise are mixed.
In a suitable bowl, place 1/2 grated potato and coat with 1/2 of the mayonnaise mixture. Then 1/2 of the corn is applied and is coated with a mixture of mayonnaise, then half of the carrots, and then the mixture of mayonnaise and finally half of the pickles and olives and ends with the mixture of mayonnaise. The same procedure is repeated once again.