Rabies is deadly illness that can be catch by ever kind of hot-blooded animals and the human. There isn’t efficient cure for this illness.

The main source of rabies are foxes, wolfs, and sometimes some other wild animals. The most common infection to humans and dogs is during hunt, and in the environments that are close to these wild animals. Human is infected through saliva of sick animals, and the big connection between are non-vaccinated dogs and cats. In every case we have to be careful with wild animals we never know if they have rabies or not.

The virus rabies that is in the slime, usually in the organism goes through bite wound or through open wound on which the slime will reach.rabies at cat and dog

The period of incubation is between 3 to 8 weeks, but can be exist from 7 days till one year. The virus from the way that gets in (or through the bite) to the brain travels through nerves and what the place of the bite more distance of the central nerve system that is the incubation longer. After that the virus travels through nerves to the mouth where is thrown by the slime.

Symptoms for RABIES

The symptoms of the rabies are spotted fever. The first signs are change in the behavior aggressive, hiding in dark rooms, with the growing of the rest of the nerve dysfunctions.

The only way against this deadly disease is on time and regular vaccination. Dogs and  cats are vaccinated when they are 3-4 months old and depending of the type of the vaccination revaccination is done on 1-3 years. Dogs and cats under low have to be vaccinated.

Every dog or cat that bites a human has to be over control of vet for 14 days and after that they decide about his destiny.

Protection from RABIES

People that suffer from dog and cat bide have to search for doctor help and to ask the owner of the dog or cat is it vaccinated. The treatment will depend of the dog or cat checkup. The prime protection against this illness is vaccination of the dogs and cats. Regularly vaccination of the animals can’t cause this virus and can’t transmit to others.