Men and Care throughout History


5,000: At around that kind of years ago, men in Egypt painted their hair with a henna and a tattered torn head.

7th century: The Assyrian king Ashurbanipal removed the unwanted hair of the body, perfumed his bunny and rubbed his cheeks to get them blushed.

13th century: Residential men in China decorate their long nails with precious stones and gold.

23: In those years Louis XIII hardened. Because of his propensity to wear wigs, this detail became very popular throughout the yard.

1 Number of bathrooms, annually, to his son and heir Louis XIV.

In 1840, a US Senate official publicly mocked then-President Martin van Buren because of the habit of using cosmetic preparations before holding a speech in Congress.

30’s: Years from the last century in which sales of male toilet water increased. The most popular fragrances were those based on skin, tobacco and vinegar

5,000: Number of people reported for a Boston radio contest in 1956. Main prize: Elvis’s popular “jackpot”

In 1954 Salvador Dali said he wore mustaches “to remain unnoticed”.

In 1979, Steve Martini, President Kennedy’s barber, said President Jimmy Carter should dye her hair in a darker shade to look like a “firmer man”.

44: So many states gave the voice of Carter’s opponent in 1980, Ronald Reagan, who in the 69th year had hair black as tar.

16: Number of cosmetic preparations that women use every day.

In 2008, American rapper Sean Diddi Combs told a women’s magazine that he regularly nurtures and maintains his “intimate parts”. He said that if men expect this from women, they should be back.

61% of men, aged 18 to 29, in a survey said they were depilating everywhere except on the face. It’s about under the bosom, chest, back and ciphers.

21,000: Every man in his life has been shaved so many times.

22: The average number of minutes that a man needs to prepare. Women need 29 minutes.

In 1959, the sale of the first self-tanning product for men began in the United States.

11 Number of preparations that men use over a day.