Potion that burns Calories and reduces Weight


We present you a recipe for a potion that will satisfy your need for food (because of its nutritional value), but at the same time it will melt excess pounds. It is a combination of active ingredients that speed up metabolism and cleanse the body from toxins and excess fat accumulated in the body.

As with any diet, it is important to disproportionately observe the prescribed dimensions and uses. If you consume the drink regularly, the results will be shown in less than a month.


Cup of tomato juice,

1/4 cup lemon juice,

spoon grated ginger,

1 pepper,

two stems celery (medium size).


Mix tomato juice, lemon juice, ginger and minced pepper. You get 220 ml of a drink. Serve it in a glass bowl and consume it with snorting celery.

Drink three glasses of beverage between meals. If you do more, store it in a refrigerator. Try always to have a fresh celery at hand.