Look Incredibly This Autumn


1. Copper orange

We can say that red and orange are replacing the role of classic, neutral colors for this season. They become a compulsory and unavoidable part of every backup. With their warm tones they will make you shine. Let the colors of your lids contribute to warm and flaming eyes, and the lips of hot kisses.eye

2. Pearl luster

We all love the special occasions to wear a flashy make-up, and when they are gone, we ask for reasons and excuses to take it. Then, we are sure that you will like the news that they are an absolute trend in everyday make-up during the next season. To make your eyes shine, you can apply a creamy shadow with metallic luster and enjoy the magical effect.

3. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a typical autumn color that we enjoy throughout the year. We especially love her on the lips, because this nuance emphasizes and excludes the possibility of being unnoticed. With it you can emphasize your favorite features, and with red wine lips you will get a classic, glamorous effect. Do not be afraid to be impressive, just like this color.


4. Earth brown

You will agree with us that “smoky eyes” is a make-up that is an eternal trend and that matches all shapes and colors of eyes. Replace the black tones with strong, earthy brown tones and you will achieve a new effect from your favorite makeup technique. As a symbol of this new make-up, apply a little gloss of covers for the overall look to achieve a higher level.