Extraordinary beauty Morocco


If you want to get to know a different culture, experience adventure and exotica, try the most delicious mint tea – Morocco is your choice.

Sleep in traditional houses in the Medina

Riyadh are taverns, traditional houses in the Medina, which receive a maximum of 6 people. Each larger city has its own Medina, an old part of the city surrounded by walls. In the old towns of Morocco, people live as much as 100 years ago. And the inns feel the old Arab spirit and culture. A kind woman, named Aziza, oldest served breakfast each morning, changed her bed linen and treated us as if we were her children. Moroccans are known for their exceptional kindness and hospitality. The magical red city of Marrakesh is called it because of the red facades of houses, and all the buildings in the city, according to the law, are built that way. It is about a city where there are clear contrasts: on the one hand are the magnificent palaces, the luxurious hotel complexes and the rich tourists, and on the other – the majority of the poor people. On all sides, magnificent parks stretch.rabat

The old city or Medina creates a special experience. Men wear traditional costumes, and women burka. On the main square you can enjoy everything: from freshly squeezed orange juice, to traditional music, which is played especially for you. There are also snake-makers, women who will draw you with a cane, as well as fortune-tellers who predict fate. In the surrounding restaurants you can try all the traditional recipes at very reasonable prices. Do not forget to take with you a garment that covers your body or use the chance to buy a coat, a traditional Moroccan dress.


Be sure to visit the authentic city of Fez, which has the largest Medina in Morocco. The Medina is like a maze, the streets are very tight, so you must hire a guide. I lost several times because 80% of the streets are not drawn on Google Maps. Marrakech and Fez are really amazing cities for everyone, totally unreal. You will feel like you’re in a medieval movie. Morocco is definitely worth a visit.