Corona Virus Infections at Pets

dog and cat

Corona virus causes disease of the digestive tract and cause diarrhea in dogs and cats. It is similar to Parvovirus disease, but is typically caused by milder symptoms. Symptoms usually manifest only in pups, whereas in adults usually goes asymptomatic.


Corona virus damages the villi, which play a role in moving food and absorption of nutrients. This leads to the appearance of a semi-formed stools yellow-green or orange color. Vomiting is unusual, in contrast to the parvo infection. Loss of protein and electrolytes and dehydration are the biggest cause of concern in infected dogs. Corona virus infection can be further complicated with other infections, such as the parvovirus, or intestinal parasites, which leads to the occurrence of more serious symptoms.

dog and cat

Duration of the infection

Since the cause of the virus, there is no specific cure for the disease. The illness lasts about 10 days. During that time, the symptoms can be mild or medium. For dogs with milder symptoms recommended diet with a low level of fat. For dehydrated, anorexic dogs administered by intravenous infusion for fluid replacement and electrolyte. Antibiotics can be used to prevent secondary bacterial infection of the digestive tract.


To prevent the spread of the disease, an important detail to disinfect the room in which the pet stayed. The virus can be excreted feces and two weeks after cessation of symptoms.