A Shopping Center more than 2,000 years old has been Discovered


During excavations in the ancient city of Aspendos, near Antalya in Turkey, archaeologists have found premises over 2,000 years old, which are presumed to have been used as warehouses or shops.

Ancient Aspendos, whose theater and other buildings attract a large number of tourists, is daily giving new surprises to archaeologists.

Field archaeological research in the area of ancient Aspendos started in 2008, and since 2014, with the decision of the Turkish government, excavations have begun, which are still being carried out.Aspendos

This year, archaeologists focused on a section of the city near the city square, where it was assumed that there was a shopping complex.

Excavations in this area also uncover large quantities of counterfeit coins from the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

In one of the rooms, parts of glass containers that were most likely used for storing oils or perfumes, as well as candlesticks, belts, jewelry, nails, rings, jeweled rings and many other items were discovered.

Archaeologists believe the shopping complex, where two-story buildings were found, suggests that the city was an important shopping center.