10 Reasons Why You Should Go Out With a Brunette

1. They are the smartest and everyone knows it

The glasses they wear are not just for a better look. A study by “Garnier” found that 75% of men think brunettes are the most intelligent women.

2. More earning

OK really is not everything in the money. But you are sure that the idea that she is earning her and spending her own money does not “fire” you? A poll in which 6,000 people surveyed found that brunettes had the highest pay. The word “brunette” has become synonymous with an independent woman.

3. They are better wives

Even if you do not think about marriage, it’s good to know if someone is “material for a wife“. One study found that 61% of men think that women with brown hair are suitable for marriage because of their loyalty and integrity. For the blondes, only 14% of the respondents said that.

4. They are better friends

The same research showed that brunettes are best as friends. Plus, who would not want a partner who is also a best friend ?!

5. James Bond loves brunettes

It’s a fact. And who would have opposed James Bond at all ?!Brown Hair Color

6. They are the best lovers

You thought that guys love only blondes? A survey shows that 58% of men think brunettes are the best in bed. This is not something to be overlooked.

7. They are the most interesting

Everyone wants a partner with whom to talk, and brunettes are the best choice. According to a poll, 63% of men would rather have a serious conversation with a brunette than with blonde. Oops, excuse me blondes.

8. They are independent

No one wants a partner who completely depends on the other. How to make sure you go out with someone who is independent? Choose a brunette. A study in the United Kingdom found that 67% of men think brunettes are the most dependent.

9. They are most practical

Blondes are considered careless and fun, but to be serious – everything has its price. One study showed that, in contrast, girls with brown hair are grounded and more practical than blondes.

10. They make their partners feel successful

Boys remember: the competitive spirit is infectious. A survey shows that one in five men feels more successful when the woman he goes out is brunette.