Hydrate your Skin on Warm Days!


During the summer, the body loses a lot of water when it is swallowed, so it is important to drink plenty of fluids to make up for that loss, and to make sure your skin remains soft and hydrated.

In the summer it is good to use a moisturizing cream, as well as to clean your face at least twice a day. We recommend Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE. It provides intensive hydration in depth, soothes the sensitive skin and makes it soft and gentle. eucerinThe skin quickly absorbs it, it is an excellent basis for makeup, and clinical and dermatological studies prove excellent efficacy and tolerability of sensitive skin. It does not contain scent additives and is free from parabens, and it is best to apply it on a clean skin on the face in the morning and evening, avoiding the zone around the eyes.

It’s also nice to make peeling more often to remove dead cells, and in this way also improve the circulation of the blood on the face.

It’s summer and everything is nice! Enjoy.