Disc disease in Dogs!

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As pet owners, we all hope that our dogs will never have disc disease. However, it is quite a common condition in some dogs breeds and many older pets. The role of the disc is to absorb tension and pressure between the vertebrae. In humans is the same mechanism, so they can also have problems with discs. Acting as shock absorbers, discs help protect the highly sensitive nerves located in the spinal cord of the dog.

What causes disc disease?

There are several reasons that can cause disc disease at your dog.  Usually, this disease occurs as a result of trauma such as a fall, jumping off furniture, hit by a car, and even a rough play. Also, the disease can occur as a consequence of degenerative changes in older pets. Obese dogs are prone to this disease because of the extra pressure on their back because of increased body weight. Dogs that have long beck can develop this disease, especially if they are obese.dog arthritis

Symptoms for disc diseases!

The symptoms of disc disease are usually pretty obvious. These symptoms, however, are different depending on which part of the spine is injured. For example, if your dog jumps off the bed and there was injury to the middle of the back, he will feel pain in that area and probably will tend to use his rear legs. The stomach can become tough dog may tremble, and in some cases may even lose control of bowel movement and bladder. In cases when a disc injury in the neck, the dog will probably have a problem that keeps your neck and head raised. In any case, the dog will be weak and often lethargic. In severe cases, disc disease also can lead to paralysis.

If you notice symptoms for disc diseases!

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your dog, you should immediately seek medical attention. Your veterinarian will examine the dog and it may be necessary X-rays to better assess the condition of the spinal column of your pet. If at the time remarked, disc disease can be successfully treated with medication. To treat this condition using the drugs that reduce inflammation, antibiotics and pain medication, or a combination thereof. It is important to carefully follow the instructions of your veterinarian concerning the proper application of these drugs.

Healing process of disc diseases!

Treatment does not only involve giving medication. You have to  limit the physical activity of your pet, and that means jumping or rough play is definitely prohibited. Also, it is important that you do not allow him to jump off the furniture. If your dog is overweight, you will need to give to your dog diet food that will help to reduce weight. When veterinarian assess your pet ready for an increase in activity, regular walks will be helpful for weight maintenance and for his health.