Coffee in a Cone

coffee in a cone

Lately, the modest ice cream cornet goes through many sugar transformations. From the covers of taco, to the black exterior, people do not stop getting the inspiration to play with him. But now, thanks to the “Coffee Cone“, a coffee shop in Tokyo, the favorite ice cream supplement for all people around the world gets a new role as a cup of coffee that can be eaten.

As you can see in the photos of¬†the coffee in a cone, many cafes around the world want to sell this great couple. But only “Coffee Cone” looks special for the phenomenon. Given the popularity and popularity of this cone with coffee, the coffee¬†offers a large number of cornices and experiments with different tastes. You can choose your “cup” and decide whether you will immerse it in chocolate, spray it with chocolate crumbs …

Besides the incredible taste of coffee, this cafe is also known for its masterpieces, wonderful drawings of coffee that only further increase the creativity of the invention. These cute details make every coffee in the cornet even more attractive. Look!