Exotic Salad with Fish Sticks

Salad with Fish Sticks


150 g rice;

4 eggs;

100 g of corn;

1  leek;

300 g ready sticks of white fish;

200 g fresh cucumbers;

little garlic powder;

200 g mayonnaise;

2 dcl cream;

1 tablespoon chopped parsley;



First of all boil the rice and then strain it, also do the same with the corn.

The  sticks of white fish boil in boiling water, drain, allow to cool and then cut them into wheels.

When the eggs are boiled, peel and grated them.

Cucumbers and leeks cut into cubes.

Mix the mayonnaise, cream, garlic powder, parsley and seasonings as you desired.

In a suitable container mix the rice, eggs, corn, leeks, cucumbers and sticks of white fish. Pour the prepared mixture of mayonnaise and mix gently.