Delicious Chicken Jerky for your Dog

chicken jerky

I give my dogs these delicious chicken jerky treat and they adore it. Chicken is very good and has a good amount of proteins for your dog’s muscle structure.



  • Step: Heat the oven on 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Step: Then remove the all fat from the chicken and then with a knife make 1/8 inch thick strips.
  • Step: Then take a pan and cover it with a backing paper and then put the stripes of chicken on the paper and bake it for at 2 hours.
  • Step: Check the meat before you take it from the oven, they have to be dry and hard, not soft or chewy. Before you serve it cool it completely.
  • Step: You can store the chicken jerky in containers in the fridge for at about two weeks.

Advice: You can use sweet potatoes if you want different treat.