Coffee with a taste of Caramel and Hazelnuts

Coffee with a taste of caramel and hazelnuts

Ingredients :

60 ml of freshly prepared espresso;
250 ml of caramel syrup;
1 tablespoon liquor from hazelnuts;
150 ml of milk;
cinnamon (optional);
Fresh hazelnuts (for snack).


After you make the espresso, pour it into a large glass bowl. Then stack the milk by making foam from it (it would be best to use the espresso machine) and add it to the cup of coffee. At the end pour the other ingredients and serve fresh hazelnuts. If you want to spice it with cinnamon, do it on the top, at the very end.

To get the look from the photo, first put a part of the foam at the bottom of the glass, then mix it in another bowl of coffee, liquor and syrup, then slowly rinse them over the foam and finally finish with another layer of milk foam. Decorate with cinnamon and spicy hazelnuts.