The biggest nightmare for Dogs!

dog brush

Brushing teeth

Cleaning dog teeth can be the biggest nightmare for the owner, because you need time and nerves for that. You have to start will they are puppy so they can use to the idea of using brush and toothpaste, also adult dogs can learn this habit.

What to do the First time

First of all you have to give your dog the toothpaste to smell it. Then to be easier first time you can use soft cotton towel instead of brush, put some toothpaste on the towel and start with soft moves on the tooth. You have to use dog toothpaste if you are unable to buy or to find dog paste you can use children toothpaste.

dog brushing

When they will be used to the idea cleaning tooth it will be easier to use brush while you are cleaning their tooth. The brush has to be soft angle brush and the toothpaste has to be without fluorine.

What if

If the process of cleaning teeth is painful for your dog, there are alternative thing to do. Like use dry food, it doesn’t live pieces of food in the mouth so the teeth can stay clean. There are variants of bones for chew and chew toys that provided strength to the gums and teeth. Dental sticks, dental bones, dental sweets that can help in dental hygiene.

 Go to the vet

Check up your doggy teeth every week, even if you are one of those that aren’t brushing your dog teeth. If you see any differences in his mouth take your dog to the vet. If you have a smaller dog, they need extra care.