Pie with Plums and Almonds



4 eggs;
200 g sugar;
200 g almonds;
1 teaspoon cinnamon;
1 Baking powder;
1 Lemon peel ;
1 tablespoon butter;
1 tablespoon flour;
2 tablespoons sugar;
150 g dried plums.


1. The dried plums cleaned them of seeds and boiled them , then drain well and cut in half.
2.In deeper bowl combine eggs, sugar, grater peel, baking powder and cinnamon, so it is mix until the mixture becomes thick and creamy.
3. In the prepared mixture is added slowly crushed almonds and mix them.
4. Than in round baking pan coated with butter and sprinkle with flour, pour the prepared mixture.
5. Through the dough evenly arranged halves of plums.
6. Pie Bake at 150 ° C until is done.
7. After is cooling down you can put powdered sugar.