Adjust your Dog to the new member of the Family!!!


If you are having a new member in your family, baby, this can’t be a problem for your dog. They will need a time to get them know and use to the idea of screaming baby in the home.

Be careful with this process of learning your dog to be use of the idea of a baby in the home. You need time and energy for this. Some dogs will never accept the new member of the family.


Sometimes they can be possessive with the baby and be over protective of them. This is a normal dog instinct; they can feel danger even on a mile. Or there is the other side they can be gales of the baby, when you take your baby in your hand they will came immediately to be hug by you, don’t worry this will pass (from my experience).

Be careful with the process of your dog to be accustomed to the baby, in time they will become best friends.