Rich Ferrero-cake



For the crust:

4 eggs;
100 g butter;
100 g of powdered sugar;
100 g chocolate;
1 teaspoon cocoa;
3 tablespoons flour;
1 Baking powder;
70 ml cream;
130 ml milk;
1 vanilla sugar.

For the filling:

400 g Nutella;
500 g of cheese, mascarpone;
250 g of crushed roasted hazelnuts;
100 g of crushed hazelnuts waffle;
2 dl cream.

For decoration:

100 g chocolate;
50 g butter.



1. The steam melts the chocolate and allow to cool it.
2. Mix whites in hard snow.
3. Frothy grow dim butter, sugar and vanilla and add one by one egg. Added melted chocolate and cocoa and mix it.
4. In the mixture add flour and baking powder, then the cream and milk and Matthias. Finally interfering and snow egg whites and gently mix.
5. The prepared mixture is put into a mold lined with baking paper and bake at 180 degrees about 30 minutes.


1. Mix mascarpone cheese, Nutella, crushed roasted hazelnuts and ground waffle.
2. Cream interfere in solid icing and smeshuva with baked filling and slowly stir.

Closing procedure:

1. baked wafer coated with the filling and place in refrigerator to set.
2. When cured is removed from the mold. Chocolate melted butter and pour over cake.