Frozen Cake

Frozen Cake



300 g ground biscuits;

2 tablespoons cocoa;

4 tablespoons sugar;

6 tablespoons sour cream.

For the white filling:

200 g white chocolate;

200 ml cream;

1-vanilla sugar;

Coffee Filling:

200 g chocolate;

200 ml cream;

1 vanilla sugar rum flavored.

For the glaze:

100 g chocolate;

a little water;

1 tbsp oil.


Place the ground biscuits in the  deeper container. Add the cocoa, sugar and sour cream so mix them well.
Transfer the mixture prepared in a round mold and Spread the mold evenly. Dispose of the tray in the refrigerator to harden the surface.
For the white filling, place the cream in a small pot. Add the vanilla sugar and heat the mixture on a moderate fire, taking care not to boil.
Add the white chocolate cubes and stir until dissolve. Allow the mixture to cool.
Special heated cream and vanilla sugar flavored brown rum filling. Add the cubes and stir until the chocolate melt and allow the mixture to cool.
Beat chilled fillings with a mixer to obtain fine creams.
Remove the mold from the refrigerator, the white distribute the filling and return it in a refrigerator to set.
Then, apply the brown filling and live it to cool. Melt the chocolate with a little water and oil, and pour it over the cake.
When is tighten up, decorate it as desired and serve it.