Allergies at Dogs!

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Allergies are main reason for skin diseases, discomfort and anxiety of the dog. Itching and scratching are the first symptoms. Hear loosing, redness and infection are secondary symptoms of allergy. The hair can change color from excessively licking and skin becomes dark and overfed. Infection can be caused by allergies. There are two kinds of allergies inhaled allergies and food allergies.

Treatment of Allergy

Treatment of allergy can be done in three ways: elimination of allergy provocateur, elimination with antihistamines or corticosteroids and DE sensibility of certain allergies. Elimination of allergy provocateur it is possible if allergy is some kind of food, fleas or something that you can easily eliminated. Changing of food it is easier way to prevent of allergy. If the source is fleas; you have to remove the fleas and to clean the whole hose and yard so you will stop them to spread. Many allergies like dust and pollen can’t be eliminated.

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Using of antihistamines or corticosteroids

Using of antihistamines or corticosteroids is another way. Antihistamines act with decreasing of releasing of histamine from fat cells and they are usually efficient in elimination in allergy symptoms. Corticosteroids are very efficient but they have to be used very careful because they can case adverse effects.
New treatment for allergy at dogs is cyclosporine. That is medicine that acts on dog immunity and decrease allergy symptoms. But often can cause vomiting in the first week of therapy. The vomiting will stop but there are dog that can’t take cyclosporine orally.

DE sensibility

The last chance is DE sensibility. This process begins with identification of allergen that your dog is sensitive to; with blood testing. After allergen is detected are prepare special mixtures from that kinds of substances and are given to the dog with applications in right time intervals. In time your dog will have better immunological health and you will notice that.