7 Reasons why you should adopt a Dog

baby and dog

Man’s best friend is a dog. Not only are they our friends are our friends climbed in everyday life. Dogs make for us unbelievable things and deserve our attention. Here are seven reasons why you should adopt a dog.

Dogs feel human hardship

Goldsmith College recently published a study showing that dogs would approximate faster to people that are crying than those who sit still.

Dogs can detect cancer

Thanks to their sense of smell they can in accuracy from 70% to 90% to detect cancer.

They can feel the attack before it happens

Researchers have now shown that they can feel an attack of epilepsy before it happened. They can feel a few hours before it happened. For many this is a relief in life.

Dogs reduce stress at work

Employees who at work bring their dogs are less exposed to the stress and better perform their duties. All this is caused by the presence of their dog in the office.

Helps maintain concentration

The study by London University showed that children who have a dog are more active and more likely to exercise than children who do not have a dog. Exercise and running with a dog is fun and motivating.

Detect low sugar in blood

Their sense of smell is really developed. They can feel and low sugar. Dogs can feel the attack and to warn the person that has it, but also to call for help. The dogs in this way saved the lives of many diabetics.

Dogs help men in socialization

British scientists found that dogs function as social catalysts; they help people more likely to go out, interact and reduce isolation.