4 Steps to a healthy and nurtured fur at your Dog


What about our dogs and their fur? Although they do not follow the trend of how they fur should look like, the fur should always be healthy and nurtured.
Regular care of the fur of your dog means regular bathing, brushing, review and healthy diet. There are many factors for healthy and nurtured fur.
These are 4 tips to help you healthy and nurtured fur of your dog.

Inspect the skin and fur of your dog

This activity should be carried out after each walk of your dog. Try to get used to creating a daily habit too of this activity for your dog, especially if you have a pet with thick fur. Note that daily parasites attack especially on warm summer days.

Regular brushing of your dog

This activity will certainly not be your favorite, but not to be a favorite and for your dog too. But if you do not brush regularly may cause damage to the fur of your pet. Regular brushing of the coat of a dog can improve his circulation.

dog bath


You must know that the skin of your dog is very sensitive. Because it requires the use of special agents for dogs. This way you save the natural pH of the skin and neutrality maslenosta.


Healthy hair and skin come from good nutrition. That means that dog diet should include protein, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.