Meatball with Potatoes

Meatball with Potatoes


500 g minced meat;
1 onion;
2 eggs;
1 yolk;
2 slices bread;
2 dl milk;
50 g of crushed peanuts;
30 g butter;
500 g potatoes;
2 dl oil;
a mixture of spices, salt, pepper.


Chop the onion, bread dip in 1 dl milk so then good drain it, potatoes cut into cubes and boil in salted water.
In a suitable container mix the onion, minced meat, 2 eggs, peanuts and bread, so mix well and season it to your taste.
From the prepared mixture make balls with a recess in the middle and fry in hot oil.
Boiled potatoes are crushed and then mixed with egg yolk, butter and the rest of the milk, spices if desired and mix well.
The prepared paste is placed into a syringe for decoration and hollow of each meatball extrude a little puree.
Filled the meatballs are arranged in a greased casserole and put a short on preheated oven to be cooked the puree.

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