Watch that is Charging from your Body Heat


Unlike cell phones, this smart watch is suitable to wear, does not require much effort, but some people may forget to recharge it fully. The solution to this problem offered by the industry that produced the Matrix “PowerWatch“, a device that gets power from body heat. They explain:

“Unlike today’s smart watches you don’t  need to recharge it daily, ‘PowerWatch’ you should never remove from your wrist so it can be charge all the time.”

matrix powerwatch

He served for many purposes, such as tracking calories burned, activity level, and sleep. This watch can be synchronized wirelessly with your cell phone with applications. It is waterproof and extremely durable.

The team has created this clock as a way to test technology for a thermoelectric power source. With a few words, thermoelectric generator is a device that converts heat into energy.


IF the generator needs to do that he needs to maintain two temperatures: high heat, low heat. Because it this watch is excellent: the side which with the contact of your skin stays hot, while the surface stays cooler.

This seemingly simple difference in temperature is one that gives power to the clock. When is not on your wrist and it creates energy, the clock is temporarily disconnected. Due to the internal battery, the date and time will not be affected and everything will be as you left it.

There is no doubt that this is the clock of the future, and the company expects it to be available for delivery in July next year.

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