Soft and Juicy Lips Even during Winter

cherry lips

Green tea

Preparation: Put one bag of green tea in boiling water, then place the bag on the lips, but be careful not to get burned. Leave a few minutes on the lips. This is perhaps the most stupid treatment care cracked lips. If you thought that the lips will be hydrated, you are wrong, they become even drier than ever.


Preparation: Apply honey with a blunt object, then place plastic lips and wait at least 10 minutes. The results of this treatment are better than treatment with green tea but definitely, does not solve the problem to an end. Honey is good for the appearance of the lips.

lips in winter

Baking powder, olive oil, and sugar

Preparation: Mix baking powder, olive oil, and sugar, and stir until you get a smooth mixture. Apply the mixture on your lips with a toothbrush and massage it. This treatment successfully removes dead cells from the lips, but also severely harms the already existing wounds and not very satisfactory.

Coconut oil and sugar

Preparation: Mix coconut oil and sugar until you get a mixture that looks like toothpaste. Apply to your lips, and after a few minutes, gently remove it. This is certainly the most popular method for treating cracked lips and definitely best hydrates your lips. Compared to other recipes, this is a natural remedy that easily solves the problem of cracked lips.

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