10 Interesting Ways of old Sweaters Re-use

winter candle holders

Winter candle holders

You can wrap  the old sweater over ordinary glass candlestick or jar and have a wonderful atmosphere. It is best for this purpose to use sleeves.

winter candle holders


Instead of disposing of the old favorite sweater, turn it into a new, soft pillow. This is a simple process and will provide great comfort.



Gloves are another simple but useful way to recycle old clothes. With the help of a sewing machine, you will quickly have a new pair of gloves to keep you warm this winter.



Even the most usual light you can turn it into an attractive and unique if you “put on” the lamp in knitted sweater. Suffice it sewn a piece that will fit in the desired spot.


Keeping hot drink

This decorative detail will allow you to store the hot beverage into the cup. Cut a piece of the sweater, and finally, put a button to easily attaches.

keeping hot drink

Betting on the box

This interesting storage box is made of plain cardboard and an old sweater. Add to it a few details to decorate.

betting on the box

Beverage Packing

Instead of a paper bag, give a bottle of liquor into a unique package. Use the sleeve of his jumper to bet bottle, place decorative details and you’re ready.

beverage packaging

Mini Christmas trees

No better time to recycle the holidays, when you can save some money and if we make decorations for your house.

mini christmas trees

Unique bracelets

Not only with them will attract attention, but by being coated with a material, they are very comfortable to wear.

unique bracelets

Legs Heaters

Many will simply make these heaters legs of the two branches of the old sweater. It will also be required and two decorative strips that you put on the bottom of.

legs heaters

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