The Most Expensive Chips in the World!

chips expensive

The most expensive chips in the world are sold in a box of 5 pieces for 62 $ or 56 euros.

The most expensive delicacies and food now joined most expensive chips derived from Swedish brewer St: Erik.

As an ideal companion to the top drinks, this chips  is anything but modest. Available in boxes of five pieces priced at 56 euros, but against this crazy price, very quickly was sold out.

expensive potato chips

Each of the five pieces of chips that are included in the box has a taste that is carefully achieved by using special selected ingredients. The five chips had a different flavor,  chips flavored Matsutake mushrooms from the pine forest, sea truffle from the waters around the Faroe Islands, dill hand picked the peninsula Bjarne, Leksand onion that grows near the eponymous town and malt India Pale that this brand uses making beer.

These flavors are built on a foundation of perfect chips made Amarna potatoes that are grown on the slopes of the eponymous site, and grow in a limited number. All ingredients are top quality, and chips is the ideal companion for beer kraft.


This chip is still sold out last week and is no longer available for sale, but expect the brewer to throw out another series of this precious but tasty snacks.

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