Rejuvenation with leeches!


Already after the first treatment wrinkles are significantly reduced and the process is completely natural. But absolutely eerie. However, the famous Demi Moore recommended as the most efficient!

After detoxification using leeches, people feel incredible power, full of energy, more relaxed and calmer, and facial wrinkles almost completely disappear. These effective treatments is used for years by many people and Demi Moore.

The procedure is simple. Leeches are placed on three to four places on the stomach and left there for ten minutes. Once they drink enough blood are removed from the stomach, and then wait ten minutes. Leeches secrete a substance called collagenase that make human blood into a effectively rejuvenation tool.

Demi Moore

After ten minutes, in a separate bowl leeches are drain, and that blood is smeared on the face. After 30 to 45 minutes, the skin effect is phenomenal. Facial wrinkles up to 70 percent are lost, and the rest can be removed after only a few such treatments.

It is important to note that leeches are used once.

-Still not working for ordinary leeches caught in a swamp, but medical leeches. They secrete an enzyme that discharged into the bloodstream of the person who will bite. In general, bleeding lasts pretty long, but also improves health because the blood gets rid of all the toxins, says a famous actress.

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