Milka Cake Without Baking



1l milk;

10 tablespoons brown sugar;

3 vanilla puddings;

300g milk Milka chocolate;

100g white Milka chocolate;

500ml cream;

200g biscuits (optional).


Make pudding with the whole milk. Pudding mixture divides it into two equal pieces and place in one part milk chocolate and white chocolate in the other. Stir until chocolate is melted. Then, leave the mix to cool.

milka cake 1

Mixed the sweet cream and ΒΌ of the resulting mixture pour in two mixtures. In round mold insert foil on the bottom and sides, and then pour the black and white count. Make a small mixture from a black and white stripe. Then add the rest of the fresh cream, chocolate and again the same way with mixing.

Biscuits soak them in milk and streak them onto the mixture. Then put the cake through foil and place in refrigerator to harden well. After several hours, remove the cake from the refrigerator, turn it on a round plate, so that the biscuits to be at the bottom and remove the mold.

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