Samsung Scanners for Eye on Tablets


SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International has developed a line of biometric systems, which called Iris on the Move (IOM), and as the term itself suggests, function as portable gadgets to scan the eye.

SRI reported that Samsung gave an exclusive license to use this technology in mobile products. Reports indicate that we could soon see the first device that implements this technology.

According to a press release, the first product of Samsung to implement technology to scan the eye is modified Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4.


Tablet is shown on April 17 of this year’s ISC West event in Las Vegas. The device will be sold globally through “SRI partners and distributors.”

IOM technology in the Samsung tablet will be used as a tool for authentication of identity, rather than to unlock the device.


But this should be the first step in the conversion of the fingerprint, whose place would come eye scanner, which is more accurate and harder to hacking.

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