Robert De Niro will play Enzo Ferrari in ”Ferrari”


The myth of Enzo Ferrari was celebrated in every way, but not yet in Hollywood. However, this week will be released in the last project of Triworld by the manufacturer Gianni Bozzacchi, who recently signed an agreement with the Tribeca Film for Robert De Niro to play the role of Enzo Ferrari in the movie called “Ferrari”.  The movie will go into production very soon and mostly will be filmed in Italy. There are rumors that Clint Eastwood will be the director of the movie but that is not yet confirmed. The story in ”Ferrari” will tell who Enzo Ferrari really was and how from 1945 to the 1980s made revolution in the car World and also will be a tribute to the car legend.  So, we all are looking forward for this movie, we think that ”Ferrari” will be amazing.

enzo ferrari

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