Perfect Shoes for Every Occasion!


High heels are definitely characteristic of femininity and glamor whether it is a wider heels or stiletto models. But flat shoes are very comfortable and far better choice especially if you are working or for longer walks. So, what to choose in this case?

In fact you do not have to choose, because the designer Tanya Heath Paris made pretty practical solution, shoes with heels that if it is necessary you can removed the heels.

Tanya Heath

This means that if you go to a party where you plan to show up in glamorous edition high heels, this is the right solution for you. The moment when you are tired simply remove from the shoes the heels and continue with the fun.

Tanya Heath

These truly revolutionary shoes cost £ 260 ($425) and can be ordered in various designs and colors. Tanya says that she has always dreamed of such perfect shoes.

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