Perfect Magical Perfume for Everyone

flowers and perfume

Group of researchers from Queen’s University in Belfast, developed a unique formula product that releases large quantity aroma in contact with moisture, which means that a person smells nicer if he or she is sweating more.

The product appeared in combination with olfactory components and ionic liquids (salt in a liquid form), which have no odor. Simply called “flavored ionic liquid“, which is awaiting a new name, reacts to moisture, and thus the sweat. But that’s not all.

The product neutralizes odors of sweat. Thiol is organic component that is responsible for the odor in perspiration, binds to the ion liquid and thus loses its power.

– The new formula is a fantastic discovery. Not only a huge commercial potential for industry perfumes and beauty products, but because of the ability to release certain substances can be applied in many scientific fields, said the scientist in this project, Dr. Niemann Gunaratna.

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