Perfect combination Jennifer Lopez and Versace

Jennifer Lopez in Versace

Jennifer Lopez this year will be 46 years, but there aren’t any colleagues that could be her competition. So on the red carpet at the MTV awards she show once again why it is exactly so.

Some of the creations that attracted the most attention during the past years, even decades, it was the red carpet, with the signature of the fashion house Versace. The dress which today speak is the one that she wore on the Grammy Awards in 2000.

J Lo in Versace

This year’s MTV awards she appeared in a black Versace dress combined with gold details. Winning combination we will say because she looked more than great.

J Lo in Versace

Short black kit with gold details she paired with extremely high heels in the same style, and that the custodian on every detail and shows that it has complemented its combination of gold and Klatch purse in the same shade. Not this time neckline not lacking, so we can say that she turned into her trademark when it comes to formal occasions.

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