“While I and Alexis Sanchez were having sex, his friends were filming us”

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Although he tried to reassure that he had nothing to do with it, the attractive Chilean girl dumped him after they were recorded by his friends while they were having sex.

The 24-year-old Valentina Roth Soracco that once was in a relationship with the famous footballer Alexis Sanchez who today play for Arsenal, opened her soul and told the media that it has ended the relationship with him after she found out that his friends secretly filmed their sexual intercourse.

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Valentina said that one night noticed Alexis’s friends hidden behind the closet door with a mobile in their hands and at that same moment she and her friend (another woman) fled the apartment. (it was not explained what was her friend doing there).


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“I picked up the mobile, I remove the SIM card and I broke the camera,” said Valentina, and added that Sanchez tried to reassure that he had nothing to do with it.

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Valentina and Sanchez met in 2010 while he still played for Barcelona, but their romance began after the player spotted her in a dance show.

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“When I see him on TV, I see a man who is worshiped by millions. And they do not know that he is still immature little boy who would be nobody, if he was not that talented with the ball, “said Soracco, and added that Sanchez should well consider how to behave with women.

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Meanwhile, Sanchez has not responded to the accusations, but the English media have assumed the role of a lawyer and stated that the young lady is not 100 percent right about this story, because she had financial problems.

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