What kind of Bra you have to wear according to the shape of your Breasts!?

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Some are small others are large, some with form of apple and others slightly lowered.

A study conducted on a sample of 400 thousand women; there are eight types of breasts. That is why many women have trouble buying underwear and cannot fit into the standard type of bra.

Slightly down

These kinds of breasts have 10 percent of women. Some of them have always been with that kind of shape, while others get the transformation after breastfeeding.

Type of Bra: push up

Breast with good tone

Whether they are large or small these breasts are well toned and firm. It can be found in 30 percent of women.

Type of Bra: any kind


Form of breasts that do not have a problem even if you do not wear a bra. At first they appear to be artificial.

Type of Bra: With no additional filing

Cornet breasts

Unlike other breasts they have a pointed shape. These type of breasts have 6 to 7 percent of women.

Type of Bra: model that gives volume

bra 2

Lowered type

Only 27 percent of women have this kind of breasts type. The tone is lost and the breasts began to descend down.

Type of Bra: a model with good support

Unequal breasts

There is a difference between one and the other breast. May occur during menopause when because hormone chest spread unequally. The same phenomenon occurs in athletes who use more one hand then the other.

Type of Bra: model with additional filling

bra 3

Thin type of breasts

Look thinner and lowered away from the classical form of the breasts. Because of its shape does not fill the bra, so it seems that there is space between the breast and bra bucket.

Type of Bra: Push up model with additional filling

Spread breasts

Breasts are quite separated from one another, while the nipples look to completely different countries.

Type of Bra: bra with a basket in the form of letter U.

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