The most beautiful beaches in Spain

spain beach

Beautiful extravagant sights, buildings and historic places decades impress tourists with its beauty. During the holiday season many tourists and lovers of the Iberian Peninsula in this country come to rest in the sun, and these are some of the most beautiful beaches ideal for holiday in Spain.

El Cotillo Beach

This beach is located in the city of Las Palmas and is the central attraction for thousands of tourists. The beautiful blue sea allows warm heat for lovers of natural beauty and sun lures the biggest opponents of sunscreen.

El Cotillo Beach

Beach De la Barrosa

This beautiful stretch of beach is only six kilometers and is located in Cadiz. Tourists spend most of their time in various restaurants and bars, and the beach is famous for water sports, as fresh wind currents over the entire area.

Beach De la Barrosa

La Concha Beach

This beach is located near San Sebastian, and it is considered one of the best city beaches in Europe. It is known as one of the most photographed beaches in the world. The most beautiful feature of this beach is the golden sand, which gives a special effect at the time of sunrise and sunset.

la concha

Las Catedrales Beach

One of the most interesting features of this beach, which makes it unique, is the large number of rocks surrounding. The amount of rocks reaches up to 30 meters, and it leads to a strong tide and wind. This beach is common place for many photographers and other nature lovers who come to see the magical sunrise and sunset.

las catedrales

Illetas Beach

Located on the north side of Formentera, this beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. On one side of the beach is located a stone wall and many restaurants and bars. The sand is better than other places in Spain.

Illetas Beach

Torremolinos Beach

This is one of the first beaches in Spain where the development of the tourism began. And today is one of the most visited beaches in the region, especially in summer. As a result, this beach has a number of bars, restaurants and sports content.


Nerja Beach

This beach is in the list of beaches that received the prestigious Blue Flag award, which indicate to the finest beaches. One of the most famous beaches in the group’s storms, which has a number of restaurants, bars and clubs.


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