Swimwear Then and Now

Coco Austin

Swimwear that today women wear is not even remotely resemble with swimwear that are worn in the 1895 year. The main difference between swimwear from 120 years ago and today is that today swimwear have much less material and reveal much more than they hide parts of the female body.

Kim Kardashian

Nicole Scherzinger

Jennifer Lopez

Swimwear of Coco Austin, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Lopez and other famous women of today are nothing like the ones that were in vogue before 100 years, and even later.

swimwear now

As for swimming, surfing and snorkeling, nothing has changed people 120 years ago and enjoyed the activities in the water. However, women could not do anything except through the water to move by holding the rope or lying under umbrellas.


Swimwear disables them to do something else, because their purpose was to hide the female body, and have been very difficult if they get wet.

then 1

Women usually wore swimwear in black, long knee, and they often have and tape around her waist.

In addition, women often wore and long white socks, slippers and bathing caps.

then 2

But Victorian style swimwear which you can see in these photos, then for the men they were sexy and challenging.

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